Tuesday, June 19, 2018

Scam ADDISON Talent Management Consulting & Staffing Group


He is currently using the fake name Conner Carlson when trying to convince people he is real.  He keeps using the same bio that he ripped off from a real individual. He uses a stock photo of a young looking guy but claims to have more than 20 years of experience.  If you look at the site its full of mistakes that a pro company would never do.
http://www.addisonconsultinggroup.com/conner-carlson/ scam


The scammer is using a spear phishing tactic to promise you a job with one of their clients.  The scammer wants to get your date of birth and social security number.  He got your occupation and region from LinkedIn or Indeed.

This scammer has created more than 48 (I have lost count of the actual number) fake staffing company web sites. Some of the sites that he has created have expired.


Report it to the FBI & FTC at the following web site:http://www.ic3.gov

It looks like the hosting company providing services for this domain has shut down the scammer.  (11-11_18)

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