Posting by Victims

Here are links to blogs that list postings by individuals that have been targeted by this scammer.


  1. I was approached by Tom Baker at AMERISOURCE on a position he was offering. After applying he asked me to schedule an appointment via his website. After a few attempt with no success I received an email with a link that infected my computer. In turn I was taken to a warning in which another company introduced themselves as Rhombus Techs. This company supposedly provided virus protection at a fee. This protection was free to the public. After I paid the firm with check I quickly realized it too was a scam. I immediately closed my checking account and saved my files. I woke up the next morning to find my computer was wiped clean and could no longer access. Do not trust AMERISOURCE whatsoever

  2. My situation is not nearly as bad as chkerbt's, but I just received an email from Colin Henry, CEO of It's a real place and they are hiring C-level executives as the email states; but when I displayed the details of the email, the "mailed-by" is A real company email shouldn't have to use a secondary emailer and I doubt the CEO is really going to send out individual emails looking for clients. So bummed because I've been looking for work since July and this is the 2nd scammer I've had - the 1st was Jason Segrest from TEXTRON Talent. I suspect this person is getting my info from LinkedIn because it is an older email address that I set up when I first signed onto LinkedIn and I don't use it on any other job site.