List of all the fake companies

This is of all the domains that I have found associated with this scammer.  In some instances I found that he used the same email to register multiple domains for fake electronic storefronts others have shared with me domains that he sent emails from that also traced back to him.

He is make some money with Google Adsense on these domains.  Even if you don't fall for the scam, clicking on his pages generates money for him.  

All created by the same individual.  The goal is to get victims to give their SSN and DOB.
There is no job after the interview.

Company Name
Company URL
Alexander Brontes
Alpha Staffing & Talent Management
Amerisource Talent Management
Apollo Technology Group
Archstone Talent Management Consulting Solutions
Argus+Orion Technologies 
AST Consulting Services
AST Consulting Services
ASTCSCO Talent Consulting
BBSTCS Barrett Talent Consulting
Buck Talent Management Consulting & Staffing Group
Can not open site
CCSTCS Talent Consulting Services
Coworx Talent Management Consulting & Staffing Group
Exeter Talent Management
Expired and up for resale
First Manhattan Talent Management Consulting
FMC Talent Consulting
FMC Talent Consulting
Forwards to
Genesis Staffing | Talent Management
Has not been built yet
Hay Analysis & Advisory Group
Hay Analysis & Advisory Group
HTCSG Talent Consulting
Hughes Talent Management Consulting
Ikon Talent Management
IMS Talant Management Consulting
Insight Talent Consulting
Kiefer Medical   
Kraft Talent Management Consulting & Staffing
Madison Covington
Matrix Talent Management Consulting Solutions Group
Might be related to domain above.
Olympus Talent Management Consulting & Staffing
OnAssignment Talent Management
OSOS Direct 
Progressive Staffing & Talent Management
Regis Talent Management Consulting & Staffing Group
RIT Talent Management
Robbins Management Consulting
RSTCS Talent Management
Sedona Staffing and Talent Consulting Solutions Group
SPHERION Talent Management Consulting & Staffing Group
SSTCS Talent Management
Textron Talent Management Consulting
Thanto Grouo 
TJG Talent Consulting Solutions

Don't fall for this scam. If you are contacted by this individual file a report with your local police.  He is mostly using which is based in Brea, California so also report it to their police department.  You can find their contact information at:

Report it to the FBI at