Saturday, September 23, 2017

Fake and Scam TEXTRON Talent Management Consulting & Staffing Group
Jason Segrest Scammer.  don't give him your information.

Not sure what name he is using with this fake company, but it is like all the rest.
This staffing company is a fake.

The scammer is using a spear phishing tactic to promise you a job with one of their clients.  The scammer wants to get your date of birth and social security number.  He got your occupation and region from LinkedIn or Indeed.

This scammer has created more than 50 (I have lost count of the actual number) fake staffing company web sites. Some of the sites that he has created have expired.

Report it to the FBI & FTC at the following web site:

He registered the domain with this email

He is getting victims.


  1. Yes you are correct. This is a fake site. I went to the address and found where they list several corporate branches in several major cities and every single address is fake. I looked up every address on google maps and every one is a fake address. Unfortunately for me it is too late because I thought it was a legitimate job offer and filled out the form on their website and I believe they now have my social security number. Shame on people for taking advantage of individuals who are desperately needing a job!

    1. I didn't go as far as giving away my SSN but i got reply from this guy called Jayson and looked him up online only to find out that he is a scammer. Thanks for taking your valuable time to warn about this for others..

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  3. I, too, am looking for work and replied to a Jason Segrest at TEXTRON Management. I didn't get as far as giving him my SSN, but I did send in a resume. Strange thing is that I am in one state and looking for a job in another state. He emailed me about a job (for which I was perfect) in the state in which I am looking! I didn't find out until later, but you can identify a site as being fake if you open a command window and ping the website. If fake, there won't be a host associated with the web address. I agree, it's a shame and it makes me very angry that people will stop at nothing and take advantage of people in desparate situations!