Saturday, February 20, 2016

AST Consultanting Services is a scam

HR Director Name:  Gerald Garrison
This staffing company is a fake.

This staffing company is a fake.  The scammer is using a spear phishing tactic to promise you a job with one of their clients.  The scammer wants to get your date of birth and social security number.  He got your occupation and region from LinkedIn or Indeed.

This scammer has created more than thirteen fake staffing company web sites.  Each one has a different name and different HR director (see list below) but all other aspects of the web sites are identical including the list of Leadership Team.  

Doing a search shows the domain is hosted by a company in Brea, California. Report the incident to Brea police department. 

Report it to the FBI & FTC at the following web site:

You can read about other victims’ experiences on this blog threads.  Add your own experience.

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